Cisco ACS 5.2 Installation Guide

Cisco ACS 5.2 Installation Guide

From version 5.0, Cisco Secure ACS kernel is completely rewritten. It can be used as an embedded Linux-based device is present, can be used as a fixed hardware pure software application running in VMware ESX operating system, it is no longer running on Windows Server. Cisco Secure ACS RADIUS and TACACS + provides two kinds of AAA (Authentication, authorization and accounting) services.

Here I use the VMware vSphere Client to Cisco Secure ACS installed ESXi 5.5 virtual server, you can also use VMware Workstation New Virtual Machine installation.

Installation CD image:

You can download from

A, Cisco Secure ACS installation

1, create a virtual machine (if you use VMware Workstation virtual machine needs to be in addition to the processor, memory, network adapters, display of custom hardware are removed, or not installed)

2, from the Cisco Secure Access Control System 5.2.iso installation CD image to boot, select 1 installation, start the installation:

3, warning “is to clear all the data,” select “Yes”

4, wait for completion

5. Upon completion, localhost login ‘input “setup”, ACS begin installation configuration

6. Set IP, mask, gateway, domain name, DNS, user name, password (note: the first letter of the password to uppercase and to more than 6),

7, continue to wait after acs installed and login (user name and password on a set of steps). You can run after a successful landing “show ver” command to view acs version information, use

“Show application status acs” ACS modules can view the operation of common commands, as well as “show run”, etc.

8, enter in your browser https: // in front of configurable Ip / acsadmin /, open cisco sercure ACS web interface, using the default web username and password (acsadmin / default) after landing, you will be prompted to change your password, and re-set

Now you ready to use ACS.