Google Admin toolbox

While i was moving my Blog site, i was looking some tools to check my cname stuff, while i was doing on Linux dig command as i use all the time handy tool, just did some google search – i found this GUI tool easy and good

Not sure how many people come across this – but really usefull thought make some blog on it so people start using it.

Browse tool give you inside your view of browser

Check MX Tool

Check MX is an easy to use DNS validation tool which looks for common MX record misconfigurations which users often make.


check domain DNS information as i use linux dig for this, now GUI and easy.

  • Analyzers
    -HAR Analyzer
    -Log Analyzer

Message Header Analyzer

What can this tool tell from email headers ?

  • Identify delivery delays.
  • Identify approximate source of delay.
  • Identify who may be responsible.
  • Other debugging tools
    – Encode/Decode
    -Sent Message Troubleshooter
    – Message delay troubleshooter
    – Calendar problem troubleshooter
    -Flush Google Public DNS
    -Gmail ‘Oops’ error troubleshooter
    -Bounced Message Troubleshooter

Happy Labbing !!!!