Cat 9300 + ThousandEyes Installation

Good start with ThousandEyes installation and integration with Enterprise network

For now installing on Cat 9300 (Network Advantage License)

Later we will install using DNAC to other Cat 9300 Devices to Monitor different location of network.

Download Image that is latest :

Copy that TAR file in to USB easy to install (if in the network you can not reach use SCP or TFTP Copy)

Insert the USB you see what Location that is recognised as :

dir usbflash0-1:

copy and verify the image :

Running the IOX Service :

its takes 10min to run all services running ( be patient until all running as below )
This means you are good to go and install further stepts – if anything not running please do wait for further running.

Good command you can use see Logging (just like nexus log view, Cat 9K 17.X onwards you see below command very useful to see last log mesage

#show logging last 20 (this means i can only view last 20 lines) – good is’nt it ?

you see Log message :

Installing thousand Eye Agent :

YR-TEST08-FES-01#app-hosting install appid 1000eye package (i used 1000eye as my app id here)

you can check below the agent deployed.

Next section we will post how to configure docker and some testings

Happy labbing……………………….!