CCIE Lab Preparation (Got the Workstation) Time to play

Finally i have invested some good amount of money around £3000.00 for this workstation for hands on lab for all the areas and able to create some PoC for testing. Rather Experment on Live network. this compute can support any CCIEm RNS, SP, SEC , Collab, DC (Part) and also other tracks. Like : CCSE (checkpoint) , Palo Alto, Forinet, F5, Netscalar, Infrastructure (windows AD, DHCP, CA, IIS) and more…more.

Workstation config :

Dell :

Dual Xeon CPU E5-2630 v2

128GB RAM 2100Mhz Speed

1TB SSD ( added Later 4 TB)

Quad Ethernet 1GB Speed

Here is the biggest Lab i created and tested for performnace testing.

happy labbing………….!!!!