How to enable SSH to AP (CAT-9K)

In my environment it hard to go each AP and check using Console cable and it also in the ceiling best is to enable SSH to AP

Environment :

Cat 9800 WLC – 17.9.4a IOS XE

Cat 9K AP

Navigate to Configuration > Tags & Profiles > AP Join. Click default-ap-profile in the AP Join Profile Name

Click the Management Tab. The Device subtab window will display. Check the SSH check box in the
Telnet/SSH Configuration section.

Click the User subtab and enter admin in the Username field. Enter 1234QWer in the Password field and also in the Secret field. Click Update & Apply to Device.

Click the Save icon and answer OK to the pop-up question.

Getting AP information and IP

Navigate to Configuration > Wireless > Access Points and click the AP name. The Edit AP page opens. In
the IP Config section, find and record the IP address of the AP.

Use PuTTY to log in to the AP with the available credentials

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