Cat 9800 WLC Installation basic setup :

WLC 9800-L

This Installation explains how to configure 9800-WLC from scratch.

When you power on the device and console into the box you will get the initial configuration dialog pop up where you will have to type yes & then also yes for management interface setup.

You will then able to create an interface for management service port

IP address: 192.168.1.x/24

Configure an out of band management port

Make sure Port and VLAN, IP address correct.

Create mgmt. user ID at this point it will be ready to use webUI once mgmt. password and ID are set.

Press [2] to save the config

Connect to service port Gi0/0/0 from your machine and configure your machine to IP

Now you should be able to access WLC via webUI

happy Labbing …!!!!!