OpenStack will be adopted more firm?

According to market research firm Forrester Research data, the time is ripe for OpenStack enterprise deployment, but shortcomings still exist, and therefore may be used in the new OpenStack workload and self-service development.

Related news a lot this week, the cloud platform, OpenStack’s momentum is obvious.People quite dissatisfied, some corporate giants access to open source, it has launched its packaged under the shell in its proprietary tools.

Forrester analyst Lauren Nelson said in a research report refers, although OpenStack immature in some respects, but that does not mask the OpenStack light.

Study has revealed the key passage: Whenever the software will problem. Open source software because of its transparency, its problems and errors are often exaggerated.OpenStack adopters is very much understand, will continue to concentrate on using OpenStack.

According to Forrester’s survey results, including Best Buy, Wal-Mart, including BMW and 11 Fortune 100 companies use OpenStack cloud product deployment. A little fly in the ointment is that, OpenStack can not be used as a cross-data center management platform.

Forrester noted that “exclusive private cloud package has not been replaced, few people before the old or traditional workload will OpenStack place for new workloads, OpenStack can have a greater acts.

OpenStack deployment of a powerful driving force behind this is that companies want to avoid vendor lock in. Thus OpenStack open source software development and is somewhat similar to the original and more for a small workload of the new platform, and then extended to the data center thus to get their share of the workload.

But now, OpenStack there are still some problems, are some of the following:

  •  There are still problems OpenStack offline time.
  • Companies keep up with the release of OpenStack and updates difficult.
  • OpenStack repeatedly restart the network interface.
  • Problems provision 50 or more virtual machines.
  • OpenStack adopters completely finalized takes a long time to achieve four to six months.
  • OpenStack need to focus on security issues.
  • OpenStack in part like proprietary software vendors.

Forrester company refers to the community without a vendor for the benefit of mankind and added. They see participation in the generation of income support. Donations, membership, and so the summit and all the manufacturers are doing as a way of marketing their products and services. Be sure to note that each participating vendor all added their proprietary extensions to build vendor’s own version, then as superior OpenStack promoting its customers with choice.

Overall, OpenStack whether cloud can be your manager is not currently clear. But it can help you to start small among the trend among OpenStack.