Cisco SD-WAN Part of Learning CCIE – Enterprise Infra 1.0

Background and Deployment available :

Deployment Option

Components involved example below for on-premises deployment :

VMWARE or Openstack support deploy supported.

High-level SDWAN

Functional Roles :

vBond orchestrator

  • Primary authenticator for all SDWAN components
  • Facilitates discovery of the control elements by the vEdge routers
  • Notifies vEdges of their public IP, if behind NAT.


  • is the network management system, a single pane of glass, for the entire SD-WAN fabric

vSmart controllers

  • Distribute reachability and security information between the vEdge routers
  • Distribute data and app-route policies from vManage to vEdges. Enforce control policies.
  • Perform best-path calculation for non ECMP routes and advertise the best route to the vEdges (second-best too, if configured)


  • vEdge routers sit at the perimeter of an SD-WAN site and provide connectivity across the fabric.
  • vEdge routers handle the transmission of data traffic.
  • vEdge routers are offered as a pre-integrated appliance or as a software-only virtual machine for ESXi, KVM, AWS, and Microsoft Azure platforms.

High-level Topology :

Fabric Terminology :

Overlay Management Protocol – Control plane protocol distributing
reachability, security, and policies throughout the fabric
Transport Locator (TLOC) – Transport attachment point and next-hop route attribute
Color – Control plane tag used for IPSec tunnel establishment logic
Site ID – Unique per-site numeric identifier used in the policy application
System IP – Unique per-device (vEdge and controllers) IPv4 notation
identifier. Also used as Router ID for BGP and OSPF.
Organization Name – Overlay identifier common to all elements of the fabric
VPN – Device-level and network-level segmentation.

SD-WAN required clear order of operation to follow and bring up each device ( Very important as shown below).

SD-WAN you can take advantage of any place, any transport.

Next BLOG we start configuring the SD-WAN Lab.

Labs will be coming soon………………happy Labbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbing 🙂