How Safe Cloud environment for the Organisation ?

After reading many use cases in related ransomware / Malware or internet attack, i was just investing my time to see if i can write small story about the cloud(buzz word)

Now Every one talking about CLOUD ! is the buzz word ?

what is the difference ? or what is wrong with Onsite equipment and Service ?

In short answer nothing wrong ! Personally i do not see anything wrong onsite Service compare to Cloud or Rackspace or Co-location. (its same services moving to different location and maintained by 3rd party ? or your own resources.)

How Secure They are ?

None of the 3rd Provider offer any Free Secure solution ..everything need to be priced, and you need keep adding to by use.

Do we see Manpower issue here ?

No …there are enough good technical geeks available in the market to support onsite and delivery what most of the organisation looking. (even you move to Cloud or co-location) Organisation still required Experts – Architects – Security – network Team to maintain ?

Waht is changed ?

Nothing ! my point of view. other than some License costing, Power costing, space costing.

But over all CAPEX vs OPEX you spend almost same or some time less onsite costing compare to Cloud (onside atleast you are sure security point of view).

Not that iam against Cloud – it is good as long you able to maintain well and where you going to present this Cloud models.

Where you do not need your service exposure to Public access, Onsite or restricted Co-Location or Rackspace preferred.

20Billion IoT Devices adding to Internet soon by 2020 as per major reports.

I still see some legacy devices still need to be secure and very important for the business before they move to new infrastructure. some times it was not easy task to move over night to latest device. it required some planning and migration and testing.

IT Life Cycle Model is very important, Immeterial what sector of organisation – the Security required HIGH Priority and understand the RISK before making the Future Product Decision to protect the Data (Need to have special attention on internet exposure devices). Make sure have proper Next Generation FW in place ( i know no one can stop attacks, but atleast we can take precautions to minimise the Risk, by adding multiple Layers of FW by implementing strick Policies.)