DNAC 2.1 Installation

New year good start over the weekend Jouney towards DNAC.

Finally some how i could able to get Image of DNAC 2.1 and want to try my VM (please dont ask me how i got the image).

Just want to test is really works on my Workstation (that is 32 CPU / 128Gig RAM / 1TB free space of SSD)

steps :

  1. Uploaded the image DNAC-SW- (esxi server)
  2. Created VM with Other and Other 64Bit – started with 8CPU and 65GB RAM and 500GB SSD to start and see if the installation go as expected.

3. started installation using theguide below :


This you tube also help you to install and guide you good directions :

4. after doing step by step instructions. i wait for 3 hours see if that completes, Looks like taking more than expected, so I left the installation over night gone to bed.

when i woke up and pickup TEA got back to desk

WOW – Good news i see below :

This means the resource ok (i am guessing its ready to config)

and i can able to SSH to DNAC box using putty

ip address and port 2222 (not 22 SSH here)

Let me configure post installation and let you know – is this really working ???

wait for next blog with post installation.

Happy Labbing !!!