Cat 9300 8 Switch Stack


Got a chance to stack 8 x Cat 9300 Switches to stack and test it.

Requirement :

since you are stacking 8 Switches you need different Length of Stack Cables to reach SW1 to SW8

so i have done like below

0.5m X 4

1.0m x 3

3.0m x 1 – where this one connected Switch 1 to Switch 8

Follow good install guide from cisco

Default Cat 9300 come with Fuji 16.8.X may be it is not matching our production environment, so we need to degrade to 16.6.5 Eversest.

Stack all switches : change the switch provisioning and switch priority and reboot. so Master switch have high priority and alway elect as master.

Once all switch booted.

copy the Everest firmare in to switch 1(master) using USB to flash:

Then follow Cisco IOS XE install and upgrade/downgrade guide