FMC Upgrade from 6.2.X to 6.3.0-83

FMC Upgrade from 6.2.X to 6.3.0-83

I have trail version running under my Esxi 6.0, Since cisco released new 6.3.0-83 latest, i would like to explore the features, this guide simplifies the upgrade.

Download below files : (depends on your platform)

Login to FMC

system -> updates -> upload updates

Select the File which was downloaded locally before as pre-requisites.

Then click upload it will take for a while to upload the file, once success and check the integrity it will pop-up with success messages.

and you see below product available for install.

Select 6.3.0-83 and click install  ( in my case we are upgrading)

Click install button

Select the FMC ( my case BB_FMC)

Launch readiness check- see all go well with that checks.

it will launch readiness check pop-up

on the background you can view the task

Once readiness pass the test, then FMC ready to upgrade, click Install.


Upgrade take for while depends on system resources available. you can check in tasks bar to see the status of the upgrade.

For me it took like 6+ hours to upgrade.(dont know why ?)

after restart once you login you see in dashboard.

check about the version

Finally FMC upgrade to 6.3.0

I will post later week FTD 6.3.0 instillation and FMC integration in next blog, stay tuned.

Happy Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing !