Automate Configuration backup in Nexus OS


Automate Configuration backup in Nexus OS


In my previous post i have done setting up a TFTP Server in Linux, in 10-15min,

Install and configure TFTP under Ubuntu

In this Section i am going to use same TFTP Server and automate the Nexus Config back up.

  • IP address may have change from my previous post to this – make sure you use the IP address based on your lab / live environment.

Here is the EEM Script

event manager applet NX-OS_Conf_TFTP_Backup
event snmp oid get-type exact entry-op le entry-val 12345 poll-interval 120
action 1.0 cli command enable
action 2.0 cli copy run tftp://
action 3.0 syslog priority notifications msg Running_Config_Backup_TFTP_Complete

Interval setup to 120 Second based on my requirement. – Feel free to change your requirement

here is the output log in Switch :

CORESW2 %EEM_ACTION-5-NOTIF: Running_Config_Backup_TFTP_Complete

My TFTP have file as below

# ls